BSA Corse Brembo official partner

Brembo Racing Partner

BSA Corse is proud to be the official partner of Brembo Racing. Over 30 years ago, BSA Corse started as a reseller of Brembo Racing products. BSA Corse provides exclusive distribution for all Brembo Racing parts and technical services throughout Germany and beyond.

Under the name of Brembo Racing Brembo offers a full range of products for the racing industry. These brake technologies are designed especially for racing cars taking part in all the major race categories around the world.

BSA Corse and Brembo Racing maintain daily contact to achieve the best possible support to our customers.

Brembo Racing brake technologies

Brembo offers a comprehensive range of products dedicated exclusively to motorsports. Brembo Racing technologies are designed to deliver the best in the most extreme conditions: consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures.

All Brembo Racing products are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world's most prestigious racing teams, and of a manufacturing process conducted entirely in-house, from design and machining to bench and track testing.

Brembo Racing also offers a range of products designed for car enthusiasts, outfitters and more generally, anyone who wishes to enhance the type character and performances of their vehicle with components that withstand track racing conditions.

Brembo Formula 1 brake caliper 2019

Brembo Formula 1 brake caliper 2019


Brembo brakes for cars & Germany

Brembo is the global leader in design, development and production of braking systems, including brake discs calipers and complete Original Equipment (OE) braking systems. Brembo is recognised as the leading innovator of disc braking systems technology for luxury and sports cars, as well as motorbikes.

The Brembo product range for cars includes brake discs, brake calipers, corner modules and, progressively, the complete braking system. For the design and production of OE braking systems, Brembo provides all the integrated engineering services that accompany the development of the customer's new models.

In the spare parts market, the Brembo range focuses on brake discs with a large, reliable range that almost fully covers the European vehicle park.

Brembo and Brembo racing Products and services:

  • Brembo Brake Caliper

  • Brembo Brake Disc

  • Brembo Bedded Brake Disc

  • Brembo Brake Pad

  • Bembo Bedded Brake Pad

  • Brembo Spare Parts

  • Brembo Pedal Box

  • Brembo Master Cylinder

  • Brembo Brake Fluid

  • Brembo Conditioner

  • Brembo Caliper Piston

  • Brembo Seals

  • Brembo Caliper Revision

  • Brembo Master Cylinder Rebuild

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