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Pagid Racing is a leading brand in the professional racing industry that BSA Corse proudly distributes. For many years Formula and GT teams rely on BSA Corse‘s technical knowledge of and experience with Pagid Racing brake pads.


PAGID Racing brake pads win championships all over the world in different race categories. They are produced using the most modern technical procedures. PAGID Racing‘s uncompromising production requirements provide consistent quality at the highest level.

PAGID Racing brake products are designed to perform over a wide range of racing conditions. PAGID Racing products exist in many different material formulations. They fit most popular racing and high performance calipers and also may be fitted as an upgrade to many standard calipers for sports cars.

In addition, PAGID Racing brake products are fitted as original equipment to some of the most prestigious and powerful production cars in the world including Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsche.

Pagid Racing brake pad RSL explained

Pagid Racing brake pad RSL explained

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