Every team has its own identity. Pit boxes, pit walls, helmet compartments, illuminated logos should all reflect your racing team’s identity. At the same time, the design of the work space should match your work culture. With BSA Corse we take everything into account and match functionality and aesthetics for your ideal pit box.

Contact one of our experts and we will walk you through the key points of designing the pit box that is best for your team. Based on your needs, wishes and budget, BSA Corse can give you a sharp quotation.



ML Design Products

  • pit wall 

  • commando stand 

  • wall systems 

  • integrated niche workspace  

  • illuminated logo 

  • flight cases 

  • viewing area 

  • swinging door 

  • sliding door 

  • monitors 

  • office / engineer stations 

  • powerhood 

  • flooring 

  • overhead systems