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Stäubli fuel connector

Stäubli fuel connector

Stäubli connectors are used in the highest racing categories, including the Formula 1, WEC and DTM. With Stäubli connectors and fuelling devices high performance and safety are guaranteed. Stäubli offers a complete range of clean brake connection solutions, including couplings designed to be high pressure resistant, vibration resistant, shock resistant and fuel and oil resistant. Stäubli products integrate anti-pollution features, lightweight materials and compactness, making them ideally suited to the challenging demands of motorsports.

BSA Corse & Stäubli

BSA Corse has been distributing Stäubli products for years. We visit race and test weekends together to offer teams on-site service. To support our clients with the latest knowledge on connectors and fuelling, the BSA Corse experts receive Stäubli product training annually.

Stäubli products

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